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GelbeSeiten Business - the search engine for professionals

You know the problem: the exponential spread of search engines and business directories on the internet has made it almost impossible to find the business partners and suppliers you can really work with quickly and precisely. The results are all too frequently at best mediocre and at worse completely useless. And finding the best partners is so important in the world of business. But now, with GelbeSeiten Business, you finally have a tool that uses the latest search algorithms and works on the basis of the future- and practice-orientated [email protected] - an internationally acknowledged classification system for merchandise management - to produce the results that will really take you forward.

And this naturally not only applies when you are looking for new business partners and suppliers for yourself, but also when you yourself want to be sought out and found as quickly as possible.

How you can use GelbeSeiten Business best for yourself

You‘re guaranteed to find the right solution for yourself - from the basic entry to the Premium package. Just take a minute to look at the packages you can order in a bit more detail here. Do you need personal advice? Then click on the “contact” button to be connected to your contact! He will help you not only with the choice of package, but also with the layout of your individual company portrait, determining the search keywords and the processing of all components of the contract. Or you can also set all the necessary information directly on your computer in the "My Account" field as soon as you have logged on.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Six different packages available
  • Monitored and edited, purely business-to-business search engine
  • Qualified addresses
  • Easy and fast self-edition
  • Ideal opportunities for cross-selling
  • Reliable and experienced in address pooling - this is GelbeSeiten!
  • Optimised for Google and similar search engines

Make use of the ideal chance for you to be found by potential business partners in three ways:

All good things come in threes - GelbeSeiten Business provides three kinds of search results

Hit list

  • The editorial search result

    These are the non-advertising results, as known from many major search engines. The only difference is, with GelbeSeiten Business you do not have to make any investment in time-consuming and costly search engine campaigns in order to obtain a high position on the list. As a customer, you enter this search word as the most important product or service in your portfolio on GelbeSeiten Business. If the location is a further search criterion, it will also be taken into account as a primary criterion. And what is especially important: GelbeSeiten Business is monitored and edited. This means that blogs, spammers and general information websites have no chance to push you down the list.

  • The advert search result

    This search result is the advertising presentation of your company. It is directly linked to the search word and is booked along with the keywords. The content presentation of the advertisement, which provides or should provide a concrete answer to the search and also contains the ad volume you have booked, also counts. We make sure that the search keywords are located in the search engines and are linked sensibly to our data so that our customers products can be found not only via us but also via the relevant search engines. Our experience also benefits our customers in this respect.

  • The banner search result

    This is where you place search words that are not directly related to what is being looked for. For example, you can make an advertisement if you are a horticulturalist and the searcher wants to find horticultural equipment at the location. Then the customer, who may be a landscape gardener and architect, has found his machine and also knows at the same time where the appropriate craftsmen are. In this way you can benefit from keywords that are not directly related to the search word but are very definitely indirectly related to it. This is first-class networking, courtesy of GelbeSeiten Business.