Licence conditions

The electronic directory “GelbeSeiten Business Deutschland” is based on the business database of the Deutscher Adressbuchverlag für Wirtschaft und Verkehr GmbH (DAV). The directory enables the retrieval of company addresses, the relevant communication data, as well as the relevant trade group, industry branch and products. In addition, the directory offers information on trade associations and organisations, on the parliament and authorities of the Federal Republic and on German trade fairs. The use of the data retrieved is only allowed for this purpose. Using and processing the data for other purposes is only allowed under the very specific conditions of the German data protection law, in particular the Federal Data Protection Law. Any misuse or illegitimate utilisation is prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to use the electronic directory “GelbeSeiten Business Deutschland” represented by “” on the Internet, in full or in part for commercial address processing, commercial supply of information, or as a basis for or as auxiliary material for the compilation or completion of subscriber or address directories of any kind and in any form of media (print, electronic, CD-ROM). The readout of the directory for the purposes mentioned above as well as other commercial utilisation is also prohibited. Any misuse or illegitimate utilisation will be pursued by the providers according to the law in force, exhausting all recourse to legal action. It is also prohibited to use the exported addresses for offers not solicited to third parties (e-mails not asked for). In case of inadmissible, unintended use or utilisation, the editors and publishers reserve the right to claim from the user contravening the licence conditions the compensation of the expenditures caused as well as the damages incurred. German law is applied.

Non liability

The editors and publishers do not guarantee either the availability of the information system or the correctness and completeness of the entries in the directory “”. Excluded are consequently any liability claims on the editors and publishers caused by the use of the information made available or the use of possibly incorrect or incomplete information. All offers are conditional and are non-binding.

Information on all links on this website

By the judgment dated May 12, 1998 - 312 O 85/98 “Liability for links”, the district court of Hamburg decided that by placing a link the provider of a website may possibly be responsible for the contents of the linked sites. This can only be prevented by an explicit disapprobation of such contents. For this reason the editors and publishers declare categorically that the linked sites were free from illegal contents at the time of placing the links. The present and future presentation of these sites and their contents are beyond the responsibility of the editors and publishers. Therefore an explicit disapprobation of any contents of all sites is declared. This declaration applies to all external links and references as well as external entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists. For possibly incorrect, incomplete or even illegal contents of linked sites, and in particular for damages arising from the use of such sites, the provider alone is liable and not those who provide a link to these sites.

Information on copyright and intellectual property rights

The copyright for published texts, graphics and picture documents produced by the editors and publishers of the DAV remain exclusively with the editors and publishers of the DAV. A reproduction or use of such objects in other electronic or print publications requires the express assent of the editors and publishers of the DAV.