There are different ways of searching with GelbeSeiten Business:

Fast search:

Searching takes place directly from the homepage of, after you have entered your search word or the name of the company in the “What/Who” field and clicked on “Search”. You can limit your search by adding a postcode, location or state/county in the “Where” field. The result is coordinated to the search word and contains only the companies that offer exactly what you are looking for. You can limit this hit list further by clicking on “Advanced Search”.

Using the “What/Who/Wen” field:

You can enter branch of industry, keywords, name or the product you are looking for in this field. You can enter several search words. The search function has a high degree of error and spelling tolerance. You also have a suggestion function that opens up below the entry field. Using the mouse or the navigation keys you can choose a word from the list and then you no longer have to type it in completely. For example, you can choose an industry and a name at the same time, such as “Smiths Painters and Decorators”. You will then get all the results with the name “Smith” in the “Painters and Decorators” branch. You can also look for [email protected] numbers.

Using the “Where” field:

You can enter a location and/or a postcode and/or a part of a city and/or a street or a dialling code. If you want a nationwide search, simply leave this field empty. The suggestion function will open up below the entry field to support your entry. Here, the appropriate cities, districts, parts of cities and parts of districts are listed that fit with the word fragment you have entered. Using the mouse or the navigation keys you can choose a word from the list and then you no longer have to type it in completely. If you want to enter a postcode without a town or city you must enter at least the first two numbers of the postcode. Please note that when you enter a postcode without a location you must type in an asterisk after it. For example, “6* Frankfurt” will search in Frankfurt am Main. You can use the radius search to search the whole city.

Determining the starting point for searching with the “Where” entry:

Entering only a place name: The location is the centre of the place entered.
Entering a postcode: The location is the geographical centre of the postcode area.
Entering a dialling code only: The location is the centre of the place the dialling code is allocated to.

Advanced search

Clicking on “Advanced search” opens up another menu. Here, you can limit your search and choose between manufacturers, service providers and wholesalers; further criteria such as “company should be certified” or “company should have a website” limit the search further. You can also do a radius search in kilometres here.

Radius search:

With the radius search you can show results at a given distance from your location in order of increasing distance.

Search via business and product groups:

In addition to direct search, you can research via business and product groups. To do this, you will find an alphabetical list of business groups on the home page. By clicking on a business group you will receive a list of the branches of industry contained within it. Then if you click on a branch, you will get a list of products contained in it. Choose a product from the list and you will find the hit list with the companies that offer the product(s) you were looking for.

Presentation of results:

A maximum of 15 results will be displayed on the results page. The results appear in order of search relevance, i.e. the company that fits best is at the top of the list, the second best is listed second etc. For every result, name and address, telephone, fax, email and website address (if available) are listed. In addition, we show you interesting companies related to your search description that advertise with a banner in the right column. These companies could fit your search criteria indirectly. By clicking on the name or the banner, you will be taken directly to the company portrait with detailed information on the company you have found.

Do you want to limit the search still further? If so, you can also use the “Advanced Search” here.

Company portrait

Company portraits can provide you with important additional criteria when choosing a provider. The following additional information is shown: contact, company description, focal points of business, category allocation, [email protected] products. More detailed information on communication can be entered in the free field, such as mobile phone number, instant messaging data, opening times, accepted methods of payment, awards and certificates, memberships, business information, additional branches and keywords regarding product and/or service range, further locations, multimedia elements such as photos, graphics and videos about the product and/or service range.

The “Bookmark now” functions

With the “Bookmark now” functions, GelbeSeiten Business offers you links to social bookmark services. These are bookmarks that can be shared with other users on different platforms (such as or


“Self-editing” offers you the possibility of optimising your own company entry. After clicking on the “Self-editing” link a page appears that will ask you to log in. As soon as you have done this, you can choose from several different packages. Everything is available here, from the Basic package, with two search words or keywords available as well as a link to your website, to the Premium package, with an unlimited number of keywords as well as company and product pictures. In addition to all this, we can also, for example, produce 90-second video sequences for you, professionally and individually.

If you prefer personal consultation or are already an advertiser and are looking for possibilities of standing out even more from your competition or wish to change your data, click on the “contact” button to be connected to your contact.

Further information?

You can find a list of frequently asked questions hier.